About F&M Painting

We try to ask ourselves, “What do we want if we have to hire a painting contractor in our own homes”?


Through this introspective thought process we find that we have the same expectations of our customers.

  • Kind, friendly, and professional service.
  • Clean dressed and well mannered.
  • A well kept vehicle inside and out to project professionalism.
  • And a skilled craftsman that is fun to watch while he displays his skills that have been honed for many years.

Excellent Customer Service


Along with the attributes listed above, we display good customer service while painting for our customers.  

  • We don't wear our shoes in the house
  • We use plenty of drop cloths
  • We cover all furniture with protective films
  • We will not drip paint on the floors
  • We put everything back as we found it
  • Team Leaders self-inspect all our work.  

We hope that we are no different than you in these regards upholding these solid values in a painting contractor.

If you agree with us that these are invaluable qualities – try us out and see if we can make a difference on your next painting project big or small.