Drywall, Carpentry, and Power Washing

F&M Painting Co. knows it is much easier on the homeowner to let the people you trust do the work you need to have done.

We began offering full-service solutions to homeowners and commercial clients in 2005 to streamline the repaint and remodel process for you.  We have a network of trusted partners who bring the best services in the industry to your project... and you only need to know the name F&M Painting - we will take care of it all!


Tired of seeing cracks in your walls or “nail pops” that are eyesores? 

F&M Painting Co. offers a full-service of drywall services.  Removal, Hanging, Finishing?  F&M Painting Co. is your solution.  Even if you don't want us to paint it, we would still love to help!

We will repair old plaster and drywall as well as hang and finish new drywall. We can increase the beauty of your home with just the right touches.


We love exploring the possibilities of “dressing up” a room by adding new wood moldings and details. We can help you in the design process deciding which moldings would look best in your newly renovated room. Crown moldings, chair rail, wainscoting, and new rail systems are no problem for us.

We can also take care of home carpentry jobs that larger contractors usually don’t want to service.


Power Washing

Power washing makes the old look new again!  

Getting ready for a graduation, party, or a fresh look?  Need a porch or walkway cleaned?  Exterior siding cleaned?  Roof or ceiling cleaned?  Let us know!

We can power wash just about anything ranging from decks, sidewalks, fences, shutters, aluminum and vinyl siding, and lawn furniture.