The Muller House Project


Since 1792...

the Johannes Mueller House has sat downtown in the heart of Lititz. Throughout the years, the stone and log home has been used for many purposes, from once being a residential house to today being a key feature of the Lititz Museum. The beautiful building is rich in history and boasts much of the original structure and features that were laid in the eighteenth century. 

Although the home’s original structure has remained the same for hundreds of years, the building was in need of some tender love and care that reflected both the history and integrity of the structure. Cue F&M Painting. 

F&M Painting has worked on many historic buildings in downtown Lititz in an effort to restore the life to these needy structures. Although they’ve been the painters for many of the surrounding buildings, the Mueller House is one of the oldest they’ve worked on. 

The team knew from the very beginning they wanted to keep things historic and true to the period. Instead of throwing out old shutters, they repurposed them with Red Mahogany and Epay wood. These shutters were the final touch that breathed life into the finished building. Brandon MacCartney, founder and owner of F&M, said this was his favorite part of the whole project. 

“Hanging the newly stripped shutters really brought it all together,” said MacCartney. 

Hanging the newly stripped shutters really brought it all together

After weeks of hard work and restoration, the transformation of the Johannes Mueller House is remarkable. The beautiful paint job and restoration work has brought the Mueller House back to its previous glory. F&M Painting transformed this historic landmark while maintaining the period feel and original vision of the home.